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Casino Bonus - Free Play

It can be intimidating when trying out an unfamiliar casino site using your own money. A free play casino bonus allows players to try the games at their online casinos for a specific amount of time without having to deposit their own money. This allows people to try a casino, see if they like it, and then choose to invest their own money to play even more.

Free Play

Often, casinos will offer a limited amount of time to play for free; this is usually a one hour period. They will also allow you to keep any money you have won, but you will likely have to put some of your own money in to be able to cash out the bonus money. Other sites may not have a time limit, but rather limit the number of games or the number of spins you can play before having to put your own money in for wagering. Again, you will likely be required to deposit your own money in order to cash out any of the bonus money you have won.

Know the Casino

Like most things in life, research the organization you will be using. Make sure you know the rules in regard to how long you can play and what will be required to withdraw any winnings. Read fine print and be sure you are okay with it; check with the customer service area if you have questions. Trying any site for free can be a great way to test it out and to see if you like a particular game. There is also no risk in doing so, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed while playing. This method is often used by beginners, but they should make no mistake; it is also used by experienced people who are just trying out that particular site.

Remember that some casinos offer bonus codes that must be used to get the service for free. Do your research and give it a try as there is little risk and the rewards could be big.