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3 Tips for Using No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are fantastic outlets for people who enjoy gambling but do not want to travel to the closest casino. Because of the increase in competition, most casinos offer a no deposit bonus that is essentially free cash for the player. Here are three tips for using them wisely.

Find a Decent Casino

Just because an online casino offers a no deposit bonus, this does not mean that the casino is a reputable one. Be sure to check out any online venue thoroughly and never start an account simply based upon the size of the bonuses it offers. Some things to look for include licensing and regulation, fair gameplay practices and excellence in customer service and support. The lack of any of these things can lead to a horrible experience.

Understand Wagering Requirements

No-deposit bonuses cannot be cashed out as soon as they are received; this would be devastating to online casinos. Instead, players are often held to wagering requirements that dictate when the bonus can be withdrawn from the account. For instance, a player who accepts a $100.00 with a 20x playthrough requirement would have to wager $2,000.00 of their own money before they can withdraw the $100.00 from the account.

Claiming Bonuses

Finally, players must understand how to claim the bonus before they will receive it. New player bonuses are sometimes awarded automatically the first time the player logs into the account, but some must be claimed manually. To do this, players will need to enter a code into the designated field on the banking page of their account. The bonus is credited as soon as the code is verified and the player can begin spending it immediately.

No-deposit bonuses are great ways for players to maximize the potential of winning big in online casinos. Despite the high wagering requirements associated with them, the regular claiming of such bonuses leads to more ways to win.

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